Hertz UNO X 165

2-pásmové koaxiální reproduktory, 165mm, 55W rms, 4ohm

Značka: Hertz


1 090 
včetně DPH

Kód: hzx165

Datum dodání: 19.08.2019


The 6.5” two way coaxials are available X 165 features a special designed tweeter faceplate optimized for exceptional off-axis performance to ensure a linear frequency response when installed in a factory replacement setup. The pressed-paper cone treated with water-repellent along with the foam surround provide a very high SPL and extended low frequency response, to obtain a rich sound even when driven by the OEM head unit.

The 25 mm(1ˈ) woofer voice coil driven by a high-flux density ferrite magnet offers a highly dynamic power handling for a powerful undistorted sound. The easy-to-install DIN size basket, protected by an abrasion-resistant dust paint, makes the factory speakers replacement a snap.


Data table

Power Handling - Peak W


Power Handling - Continuous W




Frequency response Hz

60 ÷ 21k

Sensitivity dB SPL


Woofer size mm (in.)

165 (6.5)

Tweeter size mm (in.)

24 (0.9)

Woofer Voice Coil Ø mm (in.)

25 (1)

Tweeter voice coil Ø mm (in.)

14 (0.55)

Woofer magnet

High density flux ferrite

Tweeter magnet


Woofer cone

Water-repellent pressed paper

Tweeter dome



1. Neodymium tweeter with PEI dome, for a brilliant reproduction of high frequencies and compactness.
2. Tweeter faceplate optimized for exceptional off-axis performance.
3. High stiffness metallic-grey finish pressed-paper cone with water-repellent treatment.
4. Foam surround combining high sensitivity and deep bass response.
5. Pure copper 25mm (1 in.) voice coil woofer for high dynamic power handling.
6. High flux density 80mm (3.15 in.) ferrite magnet for a powerful undistorted sound.
7. Easy-to-install DIN size basket protected by abrasion-resistant dust paint.

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