Alpine X-S65C

2-pásmové komponentní reproduktory 165mm, Hi-RES Audio, 120W rms, 55Hz - 55kHz

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Kód: X-S65C

Datum dodání: 24.07.2024


6-1/2" (16.5cm) Component 2-Way X-Series Speakers - X-S65C

Alpine introduces the all-new X-Series of high-grade speakers and amplifiers. These products have been engineered and tuned to create a perfect match for extraordinarily dynamic, realistic sound reproduction and a spatial sound impression. With Alpine X-Series speakers, you can enjoy Hi-Res Audio playback up to 40kHz with stunning detail and dynamic. These flagship speakers have been engineered and tuned with highest precision and use highest grade materials, while staying affordable and offering a wide vehicle compatibility.

Peak Power: 360 Watts

RMS Power: 120 Watts

Frequency Response: 55 Hz - 50 kHz

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Informace o produktu
Alpine Sound ID - X-Series Speaker X-S65C

Alpine Sound ID

Alpine’s top sound engineers from all over the world gathered in the Alpine Iwaki, Japan headquarters to critically evaluate in-car sound from aftermarket and high-end factory systems. While many of these systems were able to perform with wide dynamic range and at sufficient volume levels, there was a lack of reality of instruments, but most predominantly in most systems, a lack of spatial imaging. As a result, Alpine ID was born to address this need.

Alpine ID, which stands for “Alpine: Image Defined,” is Alpine’s new global philosophy with an evolutionary approach for solving what’s missing in most car audio systems these days: great spatial imaging and depth of stage. The Alpine ID philosophy centers on developing matched sound systems that work together to create a highly realistic sound stage with great dynamic range (Hi-Res Audio) and sound quality. The matched sound system components allow the listener to experience a new level of realism and engagement while enjoying music in their vehicle. In other words, the listener can experience the music as the artist originally intended. The X-Series speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers create the foundation of sound system components that will feature Alpine’s new sound philosophy.

Great Installability - X-Series Speaker X-S65C
All New Motor Structure - X-Series Speaker X-S65C

Great Installability

Alpine uses high-power neodymium magnets for the new X-Series speakers. This means the magnet can be much smaller compared to traditional speaker designs, allowing for a much lower mounting depth and overall space requirement inside the car door.

All New Motor Structure

By using a powerful Neodymium magnet in a radial configuration, we could achieve a very compact motor assembly for a high vehicle compatibility rate. The radial magnet configuration drastically increases magnetic efficiency – resulting in high dynamic and power handling.

HAMR Surround - X-Series Speaker X-S65C
Included Mesh Grill - X-Series Speaker X-S65C

HAMR Surround

The High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) surround allows a maximum, linear cone excursion for high SPL, while maintaining full control over the diaphragm at any excursion stage for highest sound clarity.

Included Mesh Grill

We included a metal mesh grill to protect the woofer in open installations.

X-Series Motor Linearity - X-Series Speaker X-S65C
Nano-Fibre Cone - X-Series Speaker X-S65C

X-Series Motor Linearity

We needed to create a speaker with balanced motor force throughout its operating range of motion. A balanced force factor curve should look identical / mirrored when the cone moves in or out. The Alpine X-Series speakers offer excellent linearity for highest clarity.

Nano-Fibre Cone

The small-diameter nano-fibers create a cone structure that is lightweight and rigid, for increased sound accuracy. Nano-fiber cones also have good internal damping, so residual energy decays quickly without distorting the original music tones.

X-Series Speakers Frequency Response - X-Series Speaker X-S65C

X-Series Speakers Frequency Response

We aimed to create a speaker system with extended high frequency response to faithfully reproduce the sound stage and the harmonic details of the music.

New Carbon Graphite Tweeter - X-Series Speaker X-S65C
Network Design - X-Series Speaker X-S65C

New Carbon Graphite Tweeter

Alpine chose carbon graphite for the tweeter because it is rigid enough to perform like a hard dome tweeter but maintains the natural sound characteristics of a soft dome tweeter. The tweeter delivers increased accuracy and extended high frequency range (up to 40kHz) without the harshness that is sometimes associated with hard dome tweeters. This allows listeners to enjoy true Hi-Res Audio sound quality.

Network Design (X-S65C and X-S69C only)

The super compact network slides open so you can easily gain access to the adjustment jumpers. You can adjust the tweeter level in 3 steps (-3 / 0 / +3 dB) and the tweeter phase (normal / reverse).

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  • 1′′ (2.5cm) Hard Dome Carbon Graphite Tweeter
  • Neodymium Magnet
  • Surface Mount Application


  • Nano-Fibre Cone
  • Radial Ring Magnet Design
  • HAMR Surround
  • Large 35mm Voice Coil
  • Ultra High Density Neodymium Magnet
  • Shallow Mounting Design

Network (X-S65C and X-S69C only)

  • Compact design for easy installation
  • In-line Network Design
  • Tweeter level Adjustment: 3 Steps (-3, 0, +3dB)
  • Phase adjustment (normal / reverse)
  • High Grade Network Components


Power Handling

  • Peak Power: 360 Watts
  • RMS Power: 120 Watts


  • Woofer Mounting Diameter: 137 mm
  • Woofer Mounting Depth: 59 mm
  • Crossover Size : 45 x 70 x 30 mm


  • Frequency Response: 55 Hz - 50 kHz
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Recommended Amplification : 120 W RMS, per Channel
  • Sensitivity : 89dB / W (1m)